Meet Aline Müller, Wordbee’s new Business Developer for the Games Localization Industry

by | Jun 19, 2018

After the recent acquisition of several key customers in the games industry, Wordbee is pleased to announce that Aline Müller is joining Wordbee as a Business Developer for the game localization industry.

Aline Müller is an experienced leader, certified Localization Professional, and Organizational Consultant who has over ten years of experience in Online Media and Digital Entertainment industries. Of those, six were spent leading Kabam’s Localization strategy. She shares her experience on how Wordbee helped her team to localize video games documents during her time at Kabam Games:

When we first started doing localization, we were sending out everything in Excel spreadsheets. It got to a point where it was confusing and inefficient. So about two and a half years ago we looked for a better solution and we found Wordbee. They were really supportive from day one and helped us figure out what we really needed. Their translation management system came with the flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities that we needed at a great price.

Video games nowadays require translation of thousands of words from the beginning of the project to the end. Within these video games projects, there are different textual types, each of which has its own characteristics and purpose. Because we are dealing with a multimedia product, translators also face challenges of a multimedia nature. Within the same project, they have to deal with a wide variety of issues, such as reproducing the oral quality of dialogue in writing for subtitling and pop-up dialogue windows, lip-syncing for challenges in the translation of video game.

Today, 15% of the world’s very largest games makers are clients of Wordbee with existing projects such as:

  • Integration with content management systems
  • Deployment of terminology tool at large scale
  • Use of crowdsourcing for internal translations/revisions

With her long and rich experience in the translation and gaming industry, Aline has the right experience to advise video game companies on how to solve their localization problems, and we’re happy to have her on our team. Combining Aline’s knowledge with the automation, collaboration and flexibility Wordbee Translator provides, we’ll help customers process complex game localization projects.

About Wordbee

The Luxembourg-based company Wordbee has developed Wordbee Translator, a cloud-based collaborative translation and project management platform and Wordbee Beebox, a CMS connectivity solution. Wordbee helps renowned language service providers, public and educational organizations, and global leading companies to implement high-performance translation technology.

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