Why Cloud-based Translation Management Systems Are Inevitable

by | Apr 27, 2018

We are moving to the cloud. Let’s upload this presentation to the cloud. The cloud is where we store all our files… We all heard one of these phrases at one point or another but what is this big mysterious place that everyone is talking about?

Let’s just put it this way: The Cloud is awesome!

It’s a great way of reducing management and infrastructure costs, providing real-time collaboration, and accessing your files from anywhere. There really is no other way of explaining this any easier or more simplified.

Even in the localization industry it’s a buzzword. Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular, and having cloud-based Translation Management Systems (TMS) and online CAT editors is becoming rather the norm than an exception. If you are not already using cloud technology you might want to consider a change.

You know how Germany is known for efficiency & advanced technology, right? Well, the thing is they just know when it’s time for change, and right now German companies are moving to cloud technology. Check out our slideshare to find out why.

Why Should I Use Cloud Solutions

Remember when people were still using typewriters or house telephones? Those were great inventions, and everyone loved them because they made life a lot easier. But then computers were created, and mobile phones. And people loved these devices even more, because they were an improvement on the previous technologies. That’s exactly how we need to look at cloud solutions. Server-based systems were great, but now they’ve been left behind when competing against cloud solutions. It’s time to move on to something better, more powerful, and more up-to-date. (Except if you’re still using a typewriter, then you might enjoy sticking to server-based technology 😉) Even Common Sense Advisory wrote in one of their reports that “the pace of innovation is far slower for older generation of TMS, making it likely that cloud solutions will continue to pull ahead.” Although we love the typewriter analogy, we know that it takes more than that to make important business decisions, like changing to cloud technologies. The change can take a lot of time and money, so the decision to make the switch needs to be well-informed. Therefore, we researched the 5 most important advantages of using cloud-based Translation Management Systems for you.

5 Advantages of Using Cloud Technology

  1. A cloud-based TMS offers you the flexibility you need to scale your business. No matter how many stakeholders there are, how big your files are, or how complex your workflow is, a system in the cloud will be able to handle the challenges effortlessly.
  2. Having dozens or even hundreds of translators working on the same project is necessary to keep up with tight deadlines in today’s fast-paced environment. There’s simply no time to send back and forth different versions of the same document, and luckily you don’t have to. By adapting a sophisticated cloud-based localization platform you have all the features you need for setting up collaborative translation workflows and allowing your vendors to work simultaneously on a project without having to worry about ending up with different versions of a file.
  3. Outages and data-loss are big risks for every business. These are risks that you can avoid by choosing a cloud solution which will not only lower your system maintenance costs drastically, but also provide you with an overall high system stability.
  4. Tight budgets are part of the deal for many companies. And while it’s true that implementing an advanced cloud-based TMS might not come cheap to start with, in the end it will be more cost-effective, because implementing cloud-based systems reduces management cost and enables decentralized operations with decreased overheads. Not to mention the cheaper and simpler connection methods of cloud-to-cloud integrations.
  5. We could go on and on about the advantages of using a cloud-based TMS so we’ll just rattle off a few more benefits rather than  give you advantage number 6 to 1000: advanced security, better connectivity, storing information in one central location, automated feature deployment without disrupting users, automated data backup, no software installation, 24/7 availability from any device with Internet connection, all the advantages that are yet to come with technology evolution, and more.

Looking at all the advantages and reasons why you should be using cloud solutions, you can see it’s no longer an option to ignore cloud-based systems if you want to keep up with industry standards and stay competitive. If you’re ready for the change, check out our collaborative, cloud-based Translation Management System in a 15-day free trial. Of course, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation session with you and make sure our solutions go hand-in-hand with your business needs.

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