Signs you might need SEO translation for your website

by | Apr 11, 2018

No. 2 of our 4-part SEO series: In the digital era that we are living in, everything revolves around content.

Nowadays, companies or brands that do not have a website presence pretty much don’t exist. Digital content marketing is becoming a huge part of a company’s strategy to sell products, and the competition for producing useful and engaging content is getting more fierce every day.

“Content is king”

In order to sell more, there is a need to produce quality content that is well-written and also optimized for search engines. The content is everything, some might say, and websites work like the window display of your business. If you are on this side of the road, then you probably have put a lot of effort and money into this, building a marketing strategy which of course includes an SEO plan.

With globalization and the ever-growing cultural diversity, it is becoming more and more difficult to reach people, and if you are only doing so in one language, then you probably are tackling just a small part of the audience you could be reaching. That’s why translating your website is without a doubt the next move to expand your business.

But what kind of translation do you need?

SEO translation, without a doubt. If your website is live, then having a translated website which is also SEO friendly is the best way to go. A good SEO translation combines the best of localization plus SEO techniques based in keywords and specific methods that will guarantee your online success.

Not convinced that this is what you need yet?

If you can identify with at least one of the following scenarios, then you definitely need SEO translation.

Your company wants to expand

If the local market is not active enough and you’re thinking about targeting new markets, then adopting an internationalization plan considering multilingual SEO might be exactly what you need.

Your business sells overseas

If you are already selling in other countries, you must reach your new audience in their native language. To do so, SEO translation is your best choice to make sure your content is being seeing by the right people.

You are an e-commerce company

If you are an electronic commerce that ships worldwide and you only sell and exist online, SEO translation will be your best partner to help you connect and really show yourself everywhere you want to.

You target a country that speaks 2 or more languages  

Are you in the US, Canada, or virtually in any other country of the world? Don’t think twice; let cultural diversity in! Countries are no longer one-language places and you should be able to support all the languages of the audience that is looking for your product and target them with an SEO strategy in each location.

Your company wants to improve the webpage experience globally

Having your website translated in all the languages that your audience speaks by following a multilingual SEO strategy will make your customers feel more comfortable and close to what you’re offering. This, in turn, will make your conversion rate higher improving your site’s visibility and ranking.

To sum up, no matter what type of business you have, if you are out there in the online world, you cannot go wrong with SEO translation.

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