New business paradigm and localization in pharmaceutical business

by | Aug 10, 2017

The global paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is adopting new technology, changing existing business models; The golden era of government contracts is over and lots of new, smaller competitors have entered the global market. Technology brought about new ways to engage with global customers and vice versa for patients and companies. Patients take time to gather information, assess available options then buy; On the other hand, small & medium companies go global by communicating the added value of their products without worrying for the global pharma giants.

Pharma and health companies are required to serve clients responsibly and efficiently.Digital technology brings challenges regarding competition but advantages too; from better treatment efficiency, feedback, or increased safety to faster compliance, marketing, and product-life extension.  No room for late adopters in this instance; technology drives global patient engagement by educating, supporting, or simply covering more efficiently clients’ needs.

Today the localization and translation projects are very important for the pharmaceutical industry. Those projects might be digitally- and data enabled but without proper monitoring or quality assurance they can harm the company and its reputation. Medical translations are not just translating from one language to another; mistakes in termsconcerning people’s health or even lives can be fatal. Abbreviations, Neologisms, synonyms, poorly trained translators, or medical translations from medical professionals, patient information, packaging labels, leaflets, marketing content, regulatory papers, consent forms, general instructions, and clinical studies results; badly translated instructions bear huge responsibility.

How Wordbee Translator helps Pharmaceutical companies.

Wordbee Translator is the best cloud-based, translation and localization project management platform. It enables pharmaceutical companies to centralize and manage their own translation projects, taking control of every phase of the process regardless of contentfile type or translation vendors. Companies set-up their own translation project management portal and every department can upload any type of file for translations and monitor them in real time. You work with your team and manage your projects.

The unique advantage of Wordbee  products is that they are complete solutions providing you with a TMS and a CAT tool. In other words, Wordbee Translator provides life-cycle task management, automatically creates, and manages your projects’ workflow and offers real-time work monitoring. In addition, the system generates a wide variety of performance indicators as well as financial reports and business analytics to control and present your results or forecast.

The system performs checks and warns immediately when detecting errors; for example, use of prohibited characters, forbidden terms, missing tags, unedited machine translations, spelling errors and others. To ensure medical-standards quality, Wordbee Translator is equipped with “Back Translations”; a process conforming with the World Health Organization standards for translations. This means that not only a text has to be translated from the original to the target language but be so accurate that another translator can translate it back from the target to the original language without errors.

End complex tasks and take back control of your localization projects.

Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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