Interview with Mark Shriner, new Wordbee Sales Director for North America

by | Sep 13, 2017

Mark Shriner has joined Wordbee as the Sales Director for North America. Mark has wealth of knowledge and experience in the translation industry and has worked in a variety of executive roles including CEO Asia Pacific, and Managing Director Asia for leading LSPs. Mark will be based in Seattle and leading all sales and marketing efforts across the U.S. and Canada.

In his spare time, Mark likes to spend time with friends and family, study languages, and play a wide variety of sports.

We thought you would be curious to know more about Mark, so let’s ask him some questions.

WB:  What made you join Wordbee?

Mark: I was looking for an entrepreneurial fast moving and responsive company that had an industry leading service or technology and a growth mindset or culture.  During my research many of my peers in the industry encouraged me to check out Wordbee.  I did and was very impressed both with the breadth of Wordbee’s platform, but also the depth and granularity of the features it offers. Equally as important, I felt a connection and shared vision with Wordbee’s executive team.

WB: What is something people would be surprised to learn about Wordbee?

Mark: Well, where should I begin? On the technology side, it really is the only end-to-end TMS on the market. Many others make that claim, but it’s simply not true. As an example, most TMS systems don’t support project management automation, nor do they provide business analytics and reporting, or full integration with every leading CMS or DMS platforms.  Clients are always nicely surprised at how competitively our services are priced and how we don’t have any hidden charges for words translated or support etc.  On the company side, you might be surprised to know that we are based in Luxembourg? And, our team spans almost every major timezone and speaks more than 20 languages.

WB: Can you share with us your plans for the near future?

Mark: We plan to aggressively ramp up our sales, marketing, and customer support work in North America. This will include more webinars, client and prospect events, and in-time-zone operational support.

WB: Do you have a tip for companies that need manage large volumes of multilingual content?

Mark: Call me! 😉 Seriously though, if you are managing large volumes of multilingual content you should speak with a localisation expert that can help you to understand and navigate the various linguistic and technology issues.  I’ve seen a number of global organisations lose a lot of time and money because they failed to utilise best practices or the appropriate technology for their specific situation.  At Wordbee we are very happy to work with prospects and clients to help them find and implement the most appropriate solution.

WB: Thank you, Mark.
Welcome aboard!

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