Current trends in the translation industry and the importance of the EN-15038 norm

by | Aug 14, 2017

Interview with Enrique Diaz de Liaño, Director General of Celer Soluciones, Spain. 

Celer Soluciones is a Spanish translation agency specialized in multilingual translation and management of documentation. Their long term experience in the translation industry helps us better understand today’s challenges in terms of quality and efficiency.

CSA Research calculated that the market in 2015 for outsourced language services and supporting technology is €34.62 billion and it’s growing at an annual rate of 6.46%.  What is the trend in Spain, and how is your volume of orders developing?

This upward trend is obviously being experienced in Spain, although the main increase in business comes from outside Spain; not just in EU countries, such as the UK, Germany and Luxembourg, but also from countries on the other side of the Atlantic, particularly from the USA and Latin America.

Translation services today are provided by various entities, from small to large translation agencies, marketplaces and freelancers. How do you, as an LSP, face this competition?

Competition in the translation industry is tough, as in many other industries. The challenge is to do things well every single day, and doing things well means listening to our clients and meeting their needs as efficiently as possible. In other words, that’s in the most suitable way, as fast as possible, and at a competitive price. It’s in our day-to-day activities, in how we treat our clients that we spot the challenges fthey’re facing and we make them our challenges. That’s what makes us different.

What is the European Standard UNE-EN 15038 and what does this mean for your customers?

Nowadays all companies expect quality service – quality being understood as something measurable, tangible, not subjective. Of course, being certified in the ISO-EN 90001:2008 standard is an added bonus that our clients have always appreciated. In our drive for quality we also decided years ago to become certified in the EN-15038, which is a guarantee of good work, com-plementing the 9001, and focused on translation services, which our clients also appreciate.

What technology is Celer Solutions using to help maintain these and other standards you’ve been certified for?

At Celer Soluciones we use a vast array of tools facilitating the daily management of our work, in addition to automated translation tools enabling us to maintain and enhance our quality standards day after day. Wordbee, for instance, is an essential tool that’s enabling us to be more efficient, which clearly affects the service delivered to our clients. In fact, it’s helping to strengthening their loyalty to us.

How is that technology helping you achieve your corporate goals of managing and translating responsibly, and with total quality assurance?

Managing and translating the documents handled by Celer Soluciones requires tools that ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. These are the factors we bear in mind when it comes to choosing tools for our day-to-day work. And these are the values afforded by the technology we currently use, to guarantee our clients a quality service.

How do your customers respond to your standards of excellence? Does it help maintain long term relationships or contribute to Word-of-Mouth marketing?

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. This requires effort each and every day, from our team and from the technology we choose. We also know that this long-term relationship yields high probabilities for recommendation. For us, few things are more satisfying than seeing that, when a user of our service switches company, they take us with them and recommend us in their new company. The quality of our work and the quality of the service we provide are keys to really standing out in an industry such as this.

About Celer Soluciones:

Celer Soluciones is a company specialising in the management and translation of multilingual documentation. Its mission is to accompany its clients throughout multicultural and global processes with particular language requirements. To this end, the company combines good translation practice with the use of the latest technology, under exhaustive quality control. At Celer Soluciones thousands of general, specialised and sworn translation projects are undertaken each year, in addition to interpreting services and others, for international and national companies in the institutional, technological and health science sectors. Celer Soluciones is certified in the following standards:  ISO 9001:2008, EN 15038:2006, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SGE 21:2008. 

We make translation an instrument for communication and understanding between people, companies and organisations.

More info about Celer Soluciones:

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