5 reasons to get an e-learning and certification package for your translators

by | Jun 10, 2019

You may have read that Wordbee has new e-learning and certification packages available for Wordbee clients who want their translators to have proper knowledge of the Wordbee platform. If you’re a client, here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea for your organization.

#1. Get the most out of your CAT tool

You wouldn’t buy a race car and then ask some random person to drive it in the big race, right? So it is with Wordbee CAT tools.

As you probably know, Wordbee has all kinds of advanced features included in the CAT tool. Sometimes, when you want to use the advanced features of Wordbee, it may create some difficulties in training the translators to use the CAT tool in the way that you want them to use it.

Enter e-learning and certification. By getting all of your suppliers trained and certified in Wordbee, you’re really creating a new world where you can ask your suppliers to perform the translation in a certain way, and they’ll more easily be able to follow your instructions.

#2. Onboard new translators or other staff easily

How does your Wordbee-powered organization onboard new translators or PMs? However you are doing it, it’s way more difficult than just providing access to our new e-learning and certification program.

Better onboarding is mostly about saving time, money, and improving quality.

However, there are some other hidden benefits to better onboarding, including increased flexibility to turnover your supplier database. Did you ever find yourself reluctant to bring on some new translators and stop working with others because that means you might have to train them? Automatic onboarding is such a great idea.

#3. Get the right questions from your translators

It’s often the case that the questions translators ask aren’t really the ones you wish they were asking. They might ask about how to accept a job, but when it comes time to use the CAT tool, they might be too shy or polite to ask in-depth questions.

Consequently, you won’t get as much out of the platform and might sometimes deal with cases of misuse when it comes to linguistic resources or collaborative tools.

By ensuring that all of your translators feel comfortable with your tools, you’re also opening up the possibility for better communication between your PMs and your translators.

#4. Save your staff time and money training translators themselves

Until now, you may have been training translators and project managers yourselves. That’s exactly the type of hidden cost that is usually larger than you might expect.

Not only can you rely on our e-learning and certification program to train those translators and save a lot of time and money, but training and certification is exactly the sort of thing that has more benefits than you might expect.

In fact, the benefits are really wide-ranging. Just imagine all the ways in which having trained and certified translators can impact your organization!

#5. Show your translators that you care

If you’d like to encourage your translators to accept your work and to be motivated to work for you in general, giving them some great training is going to be a plus for them.

From the point of view of translators, working in several different tools for different clients is seen as a drawback to the job. Training and certification is a good way for those translators to up their CAT tool game and increase their overall potential in this knowledge industry.

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