5 essential tools for your SEO translation project

by | Jun 6, 2018

Following the SEO series articles we published last month, we finally get to talk about the SEO tools that make all the magic happen!

In the infinite online world, there are several resources to help you with your SEO translation process, regardless of the SEO strategy that you plan to adopt.

Some of these are completely free, while others are paid. The difference relies on the level of data, analysis, and detail.

In the following, we’ll review some of the most helpful tools that you definitely need to consider having in your SEO translation project arsenal.

1. Google’s tools

 To be able to perform a good SEO translation, you need to perform detailed research of the target audience, especially in terms of keywords.

 Google offers you great tools to get you started on the investigation, and guess what? They’re completely free.

 Among these tools are Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

 Google Trends lets you explore and analyze the most popular subjects on Google, comparing searches and related keywords. It’s like a tendency finder that’s very useful in understanding user behavior within your target country, and also segment it.

 Google AdWords Keyword Planner allows users to analyze one keyword or lists of keywords, showing traffic estimates, competitions statistics, and even related keywords so you can plan your SEO and PPC campaigns locally.

 Pro tip: don’t forget to use the Google search engine itself. It’s amazing what you can find out just by doing a simple search and seeing the results both in the search bar and in the related searches section.

2. Paid research tools

 Besides what Google offers, there are also many paid options that can add many extra dimensions to the keyword research.

 Tools like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, KWfinder, among others can give you a deeper look and much richer keywords suggestions, data filtering, SERP analysis, etc., so you can carefully analyze every market that you’re planning to enter into.

3. Translation management system (TMS)

 Every translation project, no matter how big, needs to happen within a translation management system.

 As the name clearly states, a TMS is a software that helps you properly manage a translation project from start to finish, automating parts of the process to make it more time-efficient for translators and cost-effective for your company.

 And what better TMS than Wordbee to take on the challenge?

 Wordbee and its process management technology can help you manage the translation of your website smoothly through solutions like Beebox. This smart solution allows you to integrate your files, documents, and CMS platforms, improving your workflows, costs, quality, and delivery times like no other.

4. Content management system (CMS)

 If you are going multilingual, you had better keep an eye on your content management system and ask yourself these questions:

 Does your current CMS meet your needs? Is your current CMS able to support other languages? Does it support Unicode completely? Does it have a good media management support?

 There are many open- and proprietary-source CMS providers, and none of them is definitively better than the others, so you must choose carefully depending on your individual requirements: size of your website, complexity, quantity of languages, who and how will manage your CMS, SEO requirements, budget, etc.

 Some of the most popular ones are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

5. Plugins

Plugins are content management system’s best friends because they add cool features to your site. And yes, some of them also consider SEO and translation.

For example, if you are into WordPress, you can find many plugins that will help you build a multilingual site like Polylang. This plugin allows you to easily create a website in many languages, allowing you to have not only the content translated but also whole navigation menus, URLs, etc.

 In WordPress, you can also find plugins like Yoast SEO that will help you to optimize your website in every language. This extension allows you to improve your website SEO, guiding and correcting your headlines, internal linking, meta titles, descriptions, ALT images, readability, etc.

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