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by | Mar 21, 2019

The challenge of InDesign localization

Adobe InDesign is great for creating beautiful print and digital layouts, but the translation process is tricky. A few InDesign issues come to mind:

  • InDesign files use flowing text area layouts, which leads to problems with text expansion/contraction
  • Translators do not usually have subscriptions to Adobe InDesign in order to view their translation
  • InDesign documents often use alot of graphics and images that are useful for the translator to see in a preview

Consequently, InDesign files require more steps in the process than a typical MS Word document.

You can now preview the InDesign file within Wordbee as part of your translation process, without requiring any InDesign licenses.

Insights on using InDesign preview

There are lots of ins and outs to an InDesign project. Here are some insights around how to use our InDesign preview.

  • It’s often the case that translators can create a better translation if they can see the file preview, due to images, layout, and design factors likely present in the document. Make preview a mandatory part of your InDesign localization process!
  • Who needs an InDesign license? Prior to having InDesign preview, maybe you needed multiple licenses where now you only need one!
  • Let different stakeholders preview. Translators, proofreaders, project managers, clients… there are potential benefits to expand preview across your team.
  • Sometimes, it’s a design agency or your client who ultimately revises the InDesign file to correct issues. Add value by communicating to them about the issues you are able to find!

How it works

  • The preview happens in the browser, no download needed
  • No license for InDesign is required
  • All native InDesign files up to CS6 for INDD + all IDML versions
  • Limit usage to users with the appropriate permissions

How much does it cost?

  • 250 free previews for every customer! Sweet!
  • You can buy additional previews in bundles of 1000, 5000, 10K and 25K pages.

Using InDesign preview

The InDesign preview is available from a new menu option in the CAT tool  and it needs to be activated or deactivated in the Wordbee Translator settings page.

Click on Settings in the top toolbar and then click on Configure to the right of Web Preview: InDesign and Office within the Translation Settings section.

This feature supports all native InDesign files up to CS6 for INDD, and all IDML versions.

Please make sure to check our User guide regarding the InDesign Web preview feature.

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