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Beebox Server

(Version 1.07.00 - Settembre 25, 2020)

This download is for the full product version. A 30-day trial can be unlocked during installation. The software requires a Microsoft Windows PC or server, please see the installation manual for full details. Drupal and WordPress connectors are made available for download further down on this page. For all other connectors please contact us. Note: To upgrade an existing Beebox, simply download and run the latest installer (all your data is preserved).

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Beebox Live Preview

(Version 1.01.33 - January 26, 2018)

Beebox Live Preview is an add on to Beebox Server that lets you preview CMSes, static and dynamic web sites while you translate. Translators will see their translations with the exact layout and rendering of the final web site. Run the install on the same server as your Beebox Server.

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WordPress sites mostly use the WPML plugin (Multilingual CMS version) to make web sites multilingual. The WPML plugin natively interfaces with your Beebox. WPML is developed by developed by OnTheGoSystems.

Get WPML & Beebox


Translate your Drupal website with ease. Wordbee Beebox simplifies the process of build ing and maintaining a multilingual website. Download our free Drupal plugin to interface with your Beebox. The plugin adds Beebox support to the Drupal TMGMT (translation management) module.

Installation guideGet TMGMT & Beebox

Other connectors

Wordbee proposes connectors for an exhaustive range of CMS, including SiteCore, AEM, EpIServer, Typo 3 and many more. Also browse our cloud storage and software localization connectors.


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