One system for
VO Traduction

Gareth Wilson’s freelance translation business needed a system that could centralize all his business processes.

Meet Gareth Wilson

Gareth Wilson (dba VO Traduction) is a freelance EN translator based in France. Gareth has been offering high-quality translation services since 1996. He is also a part-time lecturer in translation project management, online translation tools and FR-to-EN translation at the University of Lille.

Best of the breed!
“By the time I had decided to adopt Wordbee, I was already convinced that it would be hard to find a better TMS on the market.

None of those that I’d had an opportunity to use or assess had as comprehensive a feature set as Wordbee: some were good online project-management tools, others were good online translation editors, but none offered the combination of project-management and CAT features that Wordbee does.”


VO Traduction needed an all-in-one system


Being a freelance translator requires handling all business processes yourself. Before working with Wordbee, Gareth was juggling between several different desktop applications for:

Tracking projects

Compiling glossaries

Creating quotes and invoices

Tracking payments

Translating in CAT Tools

TM management, QA checks and more


Gareth needed a powerful, feature rich translation management system at a reasonable price.

An online / cloud-based application

Strong project management features

Integrated translation editor

Quote and invoice production and tracking

TM and term-base management

Pricelist management

Reasonable, subscription-based pricing

Problem analysis

Before implementing Wordbee, too much time was spent on administrative tasks and going back and forth between multiple desktop applications to handle all the different business workflows needed.

Solution analysis

Wordbee was the solution Gareth didn’t know he needed until he had it. Project management became more time-efficient, QA checks more systematic, and quote and invoice production became easier.

On top of that, he can now access his data & tools anytime, anywhere in his cloud-based Wordbee Translator Portal.


VO Traduction wants to delight customers by providing consistently high-quality translations and customer service. Wordbee supports Gareth in his mission by providing the tools necessary and allowing him to focus on the core of this translation business.


How the Wordbee vision impacted these clients


Vittoria Ceccarini

The solution is ideal for translators, agencies and internal language services who demand a high degree of workflow personalisation.

Rui Milheiro

Hogarth Worldwide
“Having [ . . . ] a system that has all the features and functionality a company like Hogarth requires isn’t easy, but Wordbee manages to deliver.”

Peter Argondizzo

Argo Translation
We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee has been great.

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